Get Involved!

We would love to have you involved:


Box Tops
It’s as easy as getting out a pair of scissors.  Parkwood-Upjohn earned over $4,000 with the Box Tops during the 2013/2014 school year!  Let’s do it again!

Three times a year, Box Tops are turned in to the teachers.  The highest amount of Box Tops in a classroom gets a prize for that submission!

Ways to get Box Tops:

  • Shop during bonus times at Meijer and other stores.  By purchasing a specific number of products, you will receive a bonus amount of Box Tops (sometimes up to 200 Box Tops!)
  • Check out the list of products online at the Box Tops for Education website.
  • Talk to family members and ask them to clip Box Tops and turn them in.

Contact for Box Tops is Emily Agnello.

Labels for Education

The Labels for Education program provides educational materials for the school.



Our teachers work hard for our kids.  Here is a Supply List of items most requested during the school year.  Feel free to bring to your child’s teacher or drop some extra off at the office.  All items are appreciated.



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