Friday Notes, 12/4/2020

Dear Panther Families,

Thank you for making the transition to Trimester II seamless and highly productive for our students. Despite the scheduling changes for most students our attendance and engagement has remained as high as ever during the remote learning era. Thank you parents for continuing to make the partnership with your child’s teachers a success!

Next week, we need your help with two important initiatives;

First, we have brand new supplies in the office for your student! All students, regardless of learning option, have resources that need to be picked up in the office in order for students to be successful learners in Trimester II. Some of the supplies are basic – such as pencils and paper – others are specific learning resources that your child will need in class and can only obtain from Parkwood-Upjohn. A few parents were able to pick up these supplies this week. If you have not already picked up these new supplies, please do so during any school day next week between 8 AM and 4 PM. 

Second, continue to ensure that your child attends small-group learning as scheduled on school-day afternoons. Beginning next week, two students from each class will be honored for excellent small group attendance. We want every child to be a winner!

Also, when you get a chance, take time to check out this week’s;

A. Panther Project Idea with a focus on how students can “give back” during the holiday season.

B. Social Emotional Lesson Review from Parkwood’s Behavioral Specialist, Ms. Collins, that is designed to help students resolve conflict.

Thanks for staying Panther Strong!

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Murray

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