First Day of School Success!

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year at Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary!  Today was full of wonderful weather and excited kids, eager to learn!  It was great seeing many new families as well.  In order to help out the new families and to remind those who have been around, here are a few things about the school day:

  • Parking:  No parking is allowed on Park Street across from the buses during posted times and along the east side of Tremont Street.  Parking in these areas causes traffic issues for buses and other vehicles.  These areas will be ticketed by Kalamazoo Public Safety.  There is ample parking on the surrounding streets.  Please allow time to safely park or drop off your child at the start of the school day.  At the end of the day, the back parking area is open to traffic.  Be mindful of foot traffic and school crossing guards.  When parking in the back lot, pull forward in order to allow other cars to enter the lot and prevent traffic backed up on Park Street.
  • Walking to School:  Remind your students to use the crosswalks.  Crossing mid-block can be dangerous, especially when cars may not be anticipating a child in the area.  Teach them to listen to the crossing guards as well.
  • If you arrive late with your student, you must sign them in at the office.  The staff also appreciates knowing when a student will be leaving early in order to minimize disruptions in the classrooms.


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