It Takes A Lot to Teach Our Kids

Our teachers spend a lot of time and money on their classrooms outside what they get for grants or supply allowances.  We are compiling a list of supplies that are handy for our teachers throughout the year.  A teacher closet will be formed to help them out.  If you have resources, pick up an item or two.  Our teachers THANK YOU in advance for your donation!

• Dry Erase (expo) Markers
• Sharpies
• Pencils
• Spiral Notebooks
• Duo Tang Folders
• Composition Notebooks
• Poster Putty
• Tissues
• Erasers
• Manilla Folders
• Staples
• White Out
• Tape (packing and scotch)
• Clorox Wipes
• Paper Towel
• Napkins
• Baby Wipes

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